When it comes to electric cars BMW are pushing the boundaries with their impressive eDrive technology. So let’s take a glance at the new BMW i3 with eDrive.

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Redefining urban mobility means thinking far beyond environmentally-conscious and agile driving. With its visionary design, the BMW i3 design defines the automobile of tomorrow. Its innovative BMW eDrive power train was designed in the scope of the BMW EfficientDynamics technology and is not only locally emission-free, but also offers an incomparable and nearly silent driving experience. The intelligent BMW ConnectedDrive Services bring you easily and conveniently to your destination.


BMW eDrive is an innovative new development in the scope of the BMW EfficientDynamics technology. The impressively agile electric motor developed by BMW in conjunction with the lithium-ion high-voltage battery and intelligent energy management provides driving enjoyment and efficiency in every situation. The BMW i3 flawlessly fulfils the requirements of city driving while simultaneously allowing convenient overland trips without concern about the range.

Electric motor

The electric motor of the BMW i3 was designed for use in city traffic and provides 125 kW with a torque of 250 Nm. The full torque, which is typical for electric motors, is immediately available from a standstill and does not need to be built up first via the engine speed, as is the case with combustion engines. This gives the BMW i3 particularly high agility in every situation and impressive acceleration values. The BMW i3 accelerates from 0 to 60 km/h in under 4 seconds and to 100 km/h in only 7.2 seconds (7.9 seconds in the version with Range Extender). Equally impressive is the nearly silent driving experience.

Lithium-ion high-voltage battery

The energy supply for the drive, as well as all other vehicle functions, is provided by a specially developed lithium-ion high-voltage battery, which again sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency. The intelligent heating/cooling system of the high-voltage battery ensures that energy performance (and thus the vehicle’s range) is less affected by temperature fluctuations than it normally is with batteries of this type. This makes a significant contribution to both the performance and service life of the cells. An 8-year warranty or 100,000 kms is given for the high-voltage battery.*

Via the supplied charging cable, the battery is already charged for 80 percent capacity in 6 to 8 hours.** The charging duration can be reduced by approx. 30 percent with the optionally available Wallbox Pure.

* for 70 % of the charging capacity
** based on 12 AMP current

Intelligent energy management

To allow for an optimal range in every driving situation, during the development of the BMW i3 particular emphasis was placed on low energy consumption of the electrical components. For example, the interior heating system saves up to 30 percent of electricity compared to a conventional electric heating system. Energy-saving LEDs are used for the interior lighting and are also available as an option for the exterior lighting.

In addition, the E-drive offers the possibility of braking via the accelerator pedal. If the driver takes his foot off the accelerator pedal, the electric motor assumes the function of a generator and feeds the energy gained from the motion of the wheels back into the high-voltage battery. This so-called energy recuperation generates a braking torque which leads to an effective deceleration of the vehicle and pays off in terms of energy savings for especially foresighted driving styles.

Charging the BMW i3.

An innovative charging concept provides for a new dimension of electromobility. The BMW i3 can not only be charged quickly, easily, and conveniently at home using the wallbox or the charging cable, it can also be charged on the go from a continuously increasing number of official charging stations. The BMW i3 finds these easily via innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Services such as, for example, the fully networked BMW i Navigation with display of the dynamic range and charging stations.

Home Charging.

If you have your own parking space at home, you can easily charge the BMW i3 using the BMW i Wallbox. This charging station, which is mounted to the wall of the house or the garage, not only completes the unique design of the BMW i vehicles, it also charges the BMW i3 faster than the standard included charging cable – thus charging the BMW i3 to 80 percent charging capacity in under 3 hours.* depending on capabilities of home electricity infrastructureThe optional BMW Wallbox Pure, including individual installation service is available from BMW directly.

Green Energy

A green energy contract gives you the ability to purchase electricity for charging your BMW i3 from regenerative sources – so that not only every journey, but also every charging procedure runs completely emission-free. With the product portfolio of BMW Green Energy, you can take advantage of these options very easily and conveniently from one source. From the switch-over to sustainably generated electricity (e.g. with wind or hydro-electric power) to your own energy production through ‘My Green Energy’ solutions at your home (e.g. with a home solar system). Your BMW i Dealer can arrange for a premium solar carport for generating your own electricity.

If you would like to learn more about the impressive BMW 3i please visit their website: http://www.bmw.co.za/en/all-models/bmw-i/i3/2013/at-a-glance.html

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Source: http://www.bmw.co.za/en/all-models/bmw-i/i3/2013/at-a-glance.html