Retrofit your current electrical geyser into a solar geyser and enjoy massive savings on your electricity bill!

We offer the most reliable solution at the best price for you to start enjoying FREE HOT WATER like thousands of our happy customers all over South Africa do.

When opting for a Solterra Retrofit Solar Geyser you get the following for your investment:

  • Nobel flat plate solar collector (panel). Collector sized according to geyser and area of operation.
  • 12V Heavy Duty circulation pump. This pump has a long life brushless motor that can sustain 10 bar at 110° continual 24 hours’ work. Low noise: ≤45Db from 1m distance.
  • Differential thermostat (TDI). This is an electronic device that control and ultimately gain 18% more hot water that regular retrofit systems.
  • Regulator, non-return valves, temperature sensors and safety valve.

Pricing is dependent on the litre capacity of your geyser, below is our pricing structure:

  • 100 Litre geyser conversion – only R13 999
  • 150 Litre geyser conversion – only R14 999
  • 200 Litre geyser conversion – only R15 999
  • 300 Litre geyser conversion – only R19 999

All prices include installation. For more information and to place your order please contact us today 074 146-6177 |

At Solterra KZN we are different because we do not exist to sell product. We exist because we believe in making a significant difference. That means we believe in comprehensive client engagement in order to understand your unique solar power requirements. This enables us to offer personalised and specific recommendations and solutions. We do not compromise on quality, and will only offer the best in class product, matched with industry leading design and implementation.

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