In this informative article, we take a look at the real cost if solar power, brace yourself cause this is a real eye-opener!

So what is the real cost of solar power compared to grid power (Eskom). Well believe it or not but you are currently paying 65% more compared to solar.

To explain this a bit more I included a quick explanation and used the 3 mainstream solar systems below. Each one delivers power at a certain R.kW.h. and for those who don’t know what Kilowatt hour (kW.h) means, well it’s the unit used by Eskom to bill each and everyone, including yourself. On your monthly bill, you get a total kW.h reading that represents the amount of power you consumed and this should correlate with the meter on your property. (yes I know but let’s assume it’s always correct) This kW.h is then multiplied with your rate which is the basic makeup of your power bill. So if we talk about R.kW.h we are referring to your cost per unit of power used.  Simple – it’s like rand per liter of fuel.

The three main solar systems most commonly used today:
  1. Grid Tie system  (solar panels with inverter)
  2. Multi-Hybrid system  (solar panels with inverter and batteries and batteries get used during power outages or load shedding only)
  3. Island system  (solar panels, inverter and batteries that is used every night)
The cost of electricity from these 3 systems in R.kW.h:
  1. Solar systems without batteries = R0.50/kW.h (Grid Tie system)
  2. Eskom = R1.39/kW.h (residential rate in KZN South Coast)
  3. Solar systems with batteries = R1.80/kW.h (Island system)

This is what it will cost you per k.W.h for every kW you use from these systems instead of buying it from Eskom.

The Answer or is it perhaps another Question….

If you can generate power for R0.50 per kW.h with your own Grid Tie system why would you carry on paying R1.39 per kW.h or 65% more every month? Eskom rates will also escalate annually so you can just imagine the savings-investment in your own solar system!

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