Nobel Solar Geyser Systems

Combines high performance, autonomy, simple installation and cost effectiveness. Produced with the most refined raw materials, always according to the international standards, holds all the certificates which guarantee it’s quality. The Nobel water tank features ABS UV Proof plastic decorative covers that offer a new approach to aesthetics.


Residential Systems

200L, 300L & 500L Thermosyphon Systems

  • Closed-loop or Open-loop
  • Only GLASS
  • Double or triple action



Commercial & Industrial

500L, 800L, 1000L, 1500L and 2000L Forced Circulation Systems.
Available in various sizes, the Forced circulation tanks with one, two or without heat exchanger serve numerous applications. They are mostly encountered in cases of many collectors, where large quantities of hot water are required. Moreover, such systems in smaller capacities often replace solar water heaters mainly for technical or aesthetic reasons.