Keri LED Lighting

RS Energy Solutions is a high-tech company specialized in research and manufacture of high quality LED emitters, drivers and fixtures. Driven by the joint research center in association with the University of California, we proudly develop and manufacture our LED lighting products with innovative, independent  and high efficiency white LED technology. Our full range LED products cover industrial, commercial and residential lighting, with customers across the world.

LED Down Light’s

RS Energy’s LED recessed retrofit down lights are powered by its proprietary LED emitters, and provide better light quality and superior energy saving capabilities when compared to the popular 65-watt incandescent fixtures. With up to 90 CRI and 2600 lumens Keri’s LED down lights can be used in a variety of applications, including restaurants, convention centers, exhibition halls; museums and design studios.

LED Bulbs

RS Energy’s LED Bulb, including LED PARs, A Type and MR16 provide superior light quality and tremendous energy saving capabilities when compared to incandescent and CFL lamps. They consume as little as 5W power and save up to 90 percent of energy with an amazing array of attributes: a CRI close to 90, delivered lumens up to 400, 40,000 hours of life expectancy, mercury and lead-free, and are available in 3000K and 6000K color temperature light.

LED Tubes

To work or study under traditional fluorescent tubes or CFL for one day, according to various medical studies, a person absorbs as much ultraviolet light as being directly exposed to sunshine for an hour. This would likely lead to adverse changes in one’s immune systems, white blood cells and chemical bonds, and potentially DNA that would cause cancer. RS Energy’s LED T8 tubes consume just 8 to 23 watts of power, and can be 4-feet and 8-feet long. With a CRI close to 90 and delivered lumens up to 1500, RS Energy’s T8 LED tubes are buzz and flicker free and will not contribute to headaches and eye fatigue that are associated with fluorescent fixtures. RS Energy’s T8 tubes can save up to 90 percent of energy, and can be used in homes, offices, high-ceiling warehouses and general areas.

LED Flood Lights

RS Energy’s LED floodlight line comes in with 12 styles: 12W, 35W, 60W, 80W, 120W 140W, 160W, 180W and 200W on three different, one-piece IP65-rated housing fixtures that are constructed with completely mercury-free, rust and corrosion proof heavy-duty cast aluminum, tempered glass and TGIC powder coating. With proprietary LED emitter and unique fixture designs, RS Energy floodlights deliver a better than 95 percent in fixture efficiency, an average CRI of 75, and are all available in a 6000K (daylight) correlated color temperature. They are ideal replacements for halogen, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting fixtures.