We have all heard that now is the best time to go solar! But how many of you know the real benefits of having a solar geyser? If this is a question you have asked before, you are in luck because we are about to break it down.


  • An electric geyser is the most power draining appliance in your home which in turn makes it the most expensive and the culprit for those high Eskom electricity bills.

You can greatly reduce your electricity bill by harnessing solar power for your water heating needs. Installing a solar geyser in the home has been shown to save on average 40% of your entire Eskom bill.


  • Enjoy hot water in your home throughout the year. The system works even in winter in cold climates when it is retrofitted to your electric geyser.
  • Lower carbon footprint. Solar water heating is green, renewable energy, this will reduce your homes carbon dioxide emissions. It has been shown to reduce an average households emission by about 3 tons per year.
  • You will have hot water even during power outages or load shedding.
  • Solar geysers offer protection from future electricity price hikes.
  • Increase the sales value of your home


Both direct and retro-fit solar geyser systems are extremely affordable especially considering the savings they will generate as well as their other benefits. Here are some of our popular systems with their pricing to give you an idea of the costings as of 24 May 2018. Please be advised that pricing can change. For updated prices, please get in contact with us.

Kwikot Sol Direct system full installation

  • 100L price at ONLY – R13 500
  • 150L price at ONLY – R17 500
  • 200L price at ONLY – R20 000

Retro-fit system prices

  • 100L Price at ONLY – R13 000
  • 150L price at ONLY – R14 000
  • 200L price at ONLY – R 15 000

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